Elementary, My Dear Watson

I’ve planned an entirely different outfit today, but nature has other idea. So here’s what I wore instead:

I know the brown of the belt and the brown of the boots don’t match, but… ah, f**k it.

See that? A deerstalker cap! I’m actually not that big a fan of Sherlock Holmes (except for the series with Jeremy Brett and of course the new, wonderful BBC’s Sherlock), so I planned to buy this cap for another friend (who is a Sherlock Holmes fan), but then when I tried it on I thought, “Oh it’s mine now!” I’ve been waiting for it to get cool enough to wear it (it’s thick wool), and today it finally is.

Dress/Tunic: Urban Outfitters, remixed
Skinny: H&M, remixed
Boots: Reflection, remixed
Belt: Wet Seal
Cap: thrifted (some UK brand, the tag says it’s made in Britain)

*Trivia facts: Holmes never actually said “Elementary, my dear Watson” in the books, only in the movies. Also, Arthur Conan Doyle never described him wearing a deerstalker cap, it was all the illustrator.


One Comment on “Elementary, My Dear Watson”

  1. […] figured I didn’t really need it. I don’t wear hats that much, so this knit beret and my deerstalker cap are […]

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