Pattern Mixing: The Sequel

No, no April’s Fool prank from me. I’m boring, I know.

So, in an attempt to break up the pattern (no pun intended) a bit, I moved to another corner of my room:

Dress/Tunic: I Love Ronson thrifted
Jeans: H&M, remixed
Flats: Payless

I’m not so sure about this outfit, mainly it’s the pattern mixing between shoes/dress. At first I thought the colorful plaid of the shoes can echo the more subdued graphic print of the dress, and with the blue of the jeans in between they could translate into one another, but looking at the photo I think they clash more than match… What do you guys think?

Anyway, I can’t think anymore. I’m so freaking tired. I’m not sick really, just a bunch of little things that make me feel cranky – it’s hot; my allergy acts up in the past few days, so my nose is bleeding again (I never got nosebleed until I moved to LA, since it’s so dry); there are zits popping up on my face (always fun, those); and worse of all, I got canker sores all over my mouth, which makes eating anything hurt! Also, it’s Friday.

OK. I’m done whining. Here’s to a better weekend.

P/S: I didn’t think about this when I wrote the title for the post, but yes, it appeared that just like most sequels, my second attempt at pattern mixing is not as good as my first.


One Comment on “Pattern Mixing: The Sequel”

  1. HangPeo says:

    mày ơi giầy đẹp thế!
    btw, i think they do match!

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