Focus, Damn It!

My 17-50mm lens is so frustrating. OK, it’s maybe not its fault, but it doesn’t zoom anymore, and whenever I take my pictures in front of the bookshelf, it will focus on the bookshelf instead of me. And I tried to focus it with the manual focus beforehand, but it’s hard to do when the lens is so wide and doesn’t zoom. So annoying.

Anyway, one out-of-focus picture:

Cardigan: Bloomingdale’s thrifted, remixed
Shirt: from home
Skinny pants: Urban Outfitters (it was hot today so I didn’t feel like wearing jeans)
Flats: Payless

OK, I’m out. Like I said, it’s hot, and I have a bunch of things to hand-wash. Fun times.


3 Comments on “Focus, Damn It!”

  1. ohmychocolate says:

    di giay bup be dep day! Tao tim thay cai cai tat xanh roi, dua dia chi moi day roi gui cho na’

  2. Mel says:

    Loving it!

  3. […] I wear the same shirt with the same pair of pants before, even though I’m determined not to do that. See, the easy solution would just be to throw […]

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