Trying To Be Candid

It’s getting warmer this week, and almost everybody is like, “Yay, spring!” but for me it’s more like “Ugh, summer.” But well, at least warmer weather means that I can start wearing skirts.

Which is not what I wore today.

Anyway, this (the sans-cardigan pic, at any rate) is my attempt at a more “candid”-looking photos, because I still feel a little weird posing. And another thing is that I don’t want to see the remote in the photos, hence the blurred hand in the first pic (I just threw the remote out of frame.)

Shirt/tunic: Urban Outfitters, remixed
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: from home
Flats: Payless

P/S: Looking at the photos again, I feel like I need a belt for the cardigan, but I’ve never been big on belting cardigans, I like to let them hang loose. What do you guys think?



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