Seven Golden Daffodils

It’s the debut of my new coat, and I was feeling so confident that I actually wore it with the striped shirt. Or perhaps I was inspired by the Academichic’s Weekend Workshop on Pattern Mixing (as far as pattern mixing goes, I think stripes with floral prints is pretty safe, so it’s actually not as daring as I made it out to be.)

And to explain the title: I rarely buy flowers (why spend money on something that’s going to die anyway?) But after a week of rain and clouds I was ready for something spring-y in my life, so I got a bunch of daffodils.

(OK, it’s a bunch of ten, not seven. But I wouldn’t pass up the chance to use a song title. My favorite version of this song is by The Brothers Four.)

Skinny: H&M, remixed
Shirt: thrifted (unknown brand), remixed
Flats: Payless
Coat: Ann Taylor Loft thrifted


One Comment on “Seven Golden Daffodils”

  1. […] P/S: I didn’t think about this when I wrote the title for the post, but yes, it appeared that just like most sequels, my second attempt at pattern mixing is not as good as my first. […]

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