Weekend Round-Up: I’m A Dirty Rotten Liar

Almost typed “Weekend Update” instead of “Weekend Roundup” – I’ve been watching a lot of Saturday Night Live reruns on VH1 lately šŸ˜€ Anyway, another week’s passed, and here we are.

Lesson of the Week: After trying out my new rust-colored tights on Friday, I learned that you shouldn’t have more than 3 colors in one outfit. Everybody was saying how the tights didn’t work, but nobody – except for Melissa (thank you!) – realized that it wasn’t the tights’ fault. It was because I had three colors on my dress, boots and belt, and also because the color of my boots is different from the tights but not different enough (if they had been black boots or orange-red boots then it would’ve looked OK, know what I mean?) So, in conclusion, I have to look for a pair of black boots (in theory any black shoes will do, but when it’s warm enough to wear flats I won’t be wearing the tights anymore, so boots + tights = make sense.)

That brings me to the “dirty rotten liar” part of the post. Remember how I wrote in my Thursday post that it was my last shopping trip for a while? I lied. I stopped by Goodwill again (a different Goodwill) and got a few more things, among them are these two:

A brand new Ann Taylor Loft trench coat for $20 and a dress/tunic with kitties wearing bow-ties? I couldn’t pass them up! Anyway, I’m afraid the print on the coat might be a little too loud, too busy, but I don’t wear a lot of prints so it should be OK.

Now I only have to find a pair of black boots and then I’ll really, really be done. Cross my heart.

Blog of the Week: Academichic. This blog is run by four lovely ladies (“feminist academics” as they call themselves) and it’s filled with their helpful tips/lessons on color combination, belting, layering and pattern-mixing, among other good stuff. It’s going to be a long time before I can reach their level of chicness, but in the meantime I consider myself a diligent student.

My favorite outfits from the ladies of Academichic:

Book of the Week: “A Good Year” by Peter Mayle.

I love Peter Mayle. A Year in Provence is the first travel book I read (I admit, I used to turn up my nose at non-fiction, but thanks to Debbi’s introduction to Peter Mayle and Bill Bryson, I no longer do), and now I’ll grab anything by him I can see at the book sale. When I first picked up this book, I didn’t even know the movie by Ridley Scott was based on it, but it made sense – this book is pretty much A Year in Provence done as a novel.

So, the book is not spectacular, but it’s OK. As for the movie… I felt compelled to watch the movie, because a) I was curious, and b) it has Tom Hollander (I didn’t see him in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 or 3 or whatever, but I love him in Wives and Daughters) and also Richard Coyle in a small role. But after watching the first 30 minutes, I thought that Ridley Scott was the absolutely wrong director for this. It’s a drama/comedy/romance, and it was shot like a freaking thriller/action! Weird, constant camera moves, Russell Crowe being Russell Crowe… it just didn’t work. A waste of good sceneries and Marion Cotillard, in my opinion.

Song of the Week: “Superhuman Touch” by Athlete. (I just love the line “You pick a color and I’ll sing it for you.” Might borrow that for a post title.)

For years the only song I had of Athlete is “Wires” (which I didn’t know was written when the lead singer’s daughter was born prematurely. But when you listen to the lyric, it’s exactly that – a song about a premature baby.) But then my Pandora started playing them more and more, and I liked what I heard, so I went ahead and bought 2 of their albums. They’re like a mix between Travis and Snow Patrol (my two favorite British bands of all time – they’ll show up here one day), but with a touch more edge.

One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up: I’m A Dirty Rotten Liar”

  1. Claudia says:

    Mel is wise! I always wear colored tights but yeah, I try that the skirt and the boots are usually the same color, so Melissa caught what happened.
    Have I said I love your blog? šŸ™‚
    BTW, the movie with Russell was wrong, but I’m glad the book is not! And the coat is pretty pretty, just don’t put any more prints under it, and you’ll be fine (I guess).

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