Back To School

A month after graduation, I’m going back to school.

It’s just for a new class that the school is thinking about offering (the fancy official name is “Writing for Sequential Art”, but basically it’s comic book writing), so a few of us alumni and a few current students signed up as guinea pigs. Looks like it’s going to be fun. I love visual storytelling, and I’m a control freak, so this is a great medium for me. You get to describe every single detail on every page.

But enough about schoolwork. Here’s my outfit of the day:

Nope, still not going to see my face (Man, I need a better background to take pictures. I don’t mind doing a bit of photoshop but it’s getting kinda time-consuming. But hey, I started a blog. What did I expect, right?)

Kidding. Here’s me trying to figure out how best to wear the damn cloche. I know you’re not supposed to push the brim up like that, but I think it looks more interesting. Or maybe I’m just trying to unsuccessfully channel Downton Abbey.

Tunic: Handmade gift shop
Skinny: Target
Oxfords: Sidecca
Hat: Payless
Belt: my mom bought it for me from Vietnam 🙂


5 Comments on “Back To School”

  1. LN says:

    i can’t believe my eyes, u should have upgraded ur wardrobe years ago, looking so sharp xx

  2. Trang says:

    Hey, am I the first to comment on this cool blog? lala I like ittttt. Keep on writing your life here. Must teach me how to create the banner though 😀

    Anw, you look very fashionable! I will need to buy a hat for my Easter trip x

    • Salazar says:

      You’re not the first to comment on the blog dahling (how’s that for fabulous? :D), but first on this post!

      I made the banner in Photoshop. Easy as pie.

  3. Debbi says:

    you know how I feel about the hat, I don’t think I have to go into it here!

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