Blame It On The Blisters

My camera remote arrived today! Yay!

So I took some test shots of what I wore. It’s not great because:

1) These clothes are on their last cycle of recycling before the laundry bin
2) I took the pictures after a long day at the internship
3) I really hate getting my pictures taken
4) Did I mention that I hate getting my pictures taken?

And oh yes, I’m wearing Converse because I have two giant blisters on the back of my feet from those new flats.

You’re never going to see my face!!! Mwahahahaha!!!

Skinny: Target
Tunic: Forever21
Cardigan: Forever21
Converse: ShoeCity I think?
Hat: Payless (it’s a cute hat but doesn’t quite work with this outfit. I just like a cloche because it looks so Edwardian… Well, not exactly. More like 1920’s. But like something one of the girls from Downton Abbey would wear. Mostly Sybil, actually. OK, I need to stop rambling about Downton Abbey. But it is a great series. Go watch it.)
Scarf (my attempt at coloring): Icing

And I didn’t notice until now, but the jeans are actually dark blue, not black. Guess it doesn’t make much of a difference.


One Comment on “Blame It On The Blisters”

  1. Debbi says:

    get over the picture thing. you’re cute.

    I’d push the brim down further on the hat. I don’t think it’s supposed to be flipped up like in the first pic. but otherwise, I salute your color choices!

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