Fall Preview

striped top lace scarf skinny jeans chelsea boots by 14 shades of grey

A storm just passed us by (it’s the third of the year, which means we can expect about 10 more or so), and the temperature dropped enough for me to put together this fall look. Serendipitously, it’s right in time for Bri’s Third Thursday Thread, whose theme is “Fall Favorite”. This outfit features two of the items I’m most excited to wear this fall: ankle boots and scarf. These are my first ever Chelsea boots too. My legs may be a bit too stumpy to make them work, but I’m looking forward to try. Now… I’ll only have to wait until fall actually gets here.

striped top lace scarf by 14 shades of greystriped top lace scarf skinny jeans chelsea boots by 14 shades of grey

 skinny jeans chelsea boots by 14 shades of greystriped top lace scarf by 14 shades of grey

Top & Jeans: Forever21, Scarf: self-made, Boots: Din Sko (Swedish brand)

“How do I look?”

white shirt polka dot skirt brown mary janes by 14 shades of grey

Here’s a story that is only tangentially connected to the outfit: I screened Breakfast at Tiffany’s for my students the other day. It’s been a while since I watched it all the way through, and I was suddenly struck by how… elegant it is. It’s not just Audrey Hepburn. Everybody looks so classy. Of course, saying Breakfast at Tiffany’s is elegant is like saying the sky is blue, the movie is like an epitome of elegance, but I can’t help thinking that if the movie was made today, the leads would probably be hipsters (Holly Golightly is totally a Manic Pixie Dream Girl) and the whole thing wouldn’t be half as charming. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

So, all that preamble is to say that the simplicity of my outfit is probably influenced by the movie, and I quite like it. Should’ve worn black shoes though.

white shirt polka dot skirt by 14 shades of greypolka dot skirt brown mary janes by 14 shades of grey

white shirt polka dot skirt by 14 shades of greywhite shirt polka dot skirt by 14 shades of grey

Shir & Skirt: local shop, Heels: thrifted, Watch: gift

Capsule Progression Update

white lace tee black jeans leopard print flats by 14 shades of grey

Last weekend seems to be all about shopping for me. Even though most of my capsule wardrobe is going to be pulled from what I already have, I still like to have some new pieces, so I went shopping last Saturday. I ended up getting a few transitional pieces (such as this lace tee), which I feel would work for my capsule, since the weather is going to be so unpredictable. Then on Sunday I cleaned out my mom’s closet and scored a couple of skirts from her (don’t worry, I was very conscientious about sticking to the “one in, one out” rule.)

Despite all that, the capsule is not coming together as smoothly as I’d like. I’m still wondering which piece to pick and which one to leave out. But, considering this is my first capsule, I’m going to have some flexibility. If a piece is not working, or if a few weeks have gone and I still haven’t worn it, I’m just going to replace it.

That title sounds like some science project report, doesn’t it?

white lace tee black jeans by 14 shades of greywhite lace tee black jeans leopard print flats by 14 shades of grey

white lace tee gold necklace by 14 shades of greywhite lace tee by 14 shades of grey

Top: Banana Republic, Jeans: Calvin Klein, Flats: LA Fashion District, Necklace: local shop

SIA Inspiration: Edgar Degas

This week’s SIA inspiration, courtesy of Jess, is “The Star” by Edgar Degas:

This has all the elements that Degas is best known for – the masterful use of pastels to create light and shadow, the ballet dancers as the main subject. So bring out your tulle skirt (if you have one) and send your submission to Jess (animatedcardigan@gmail.com) by next Monday, September 22nd. Have fun!

Tutorial: Dandelion Tee

dandelion tee

Gods, it’s been so long since I did a tutorial that I had to look at old posts to see how to structure it. Anyway, I’ve been missing my graphic tees lately – both my whale tee and my feather tee are so worn out that I’ve passed them to my niece as nightshirts – so when I saw this dandelion print tee, I immediately knew I wanted to make my own.

dandelion tee tutorial

What You Need:
– A white or light-colored tee
– Fabric markers (I used two, one big, one with a finer tip)
– A piece of cardboard or magazines


1. Put the cardboard or magazines into your shirt so that it lies flat and the marker doesn’t bleed into the back.

dandelion sketchdandelion tee tutorial

2. Start drawing. Begin with the stem of the dandelion, then sketch out the stalk of the seeds, both around the dandelion clock and scattered across the shirt. I don’t draw (I wouldn’t say I can’t draw, but I’m not good), so I actually did a few sketches on paper, to get the feel of it first.

For me the hardest part to get right is actually the fluff of the seeds (Wikipedia tells me it’s called the “pappus”). I used the big marker for the stem and the stalks, then used the fine-tipped one to draw the fluff. I’m not quite happy with the shape (it doesn’t look as full as the inspiration piece), but don’t worry about being exact.

Stretch the fabric to ensure smooth lines. It still puckered a bit for me, but this actually created an almost watercolor look that I liked.

dandelion tee tutorialdandelion tee tutorial

3. Add a few seed pods here and there, and you’re done! Let the shirt dry completely, and remember to wash it inside out from now on.

dandelion tee

Closet Inventory


I know, I know, everybody and their grandmothers are doing closet inventory these days, but this is actually to prepare for my capsule wardrobe. I’ve always wanted to do this, just to see how much I have already so I can shop smarter, but I keep putting it off because 1) I don’t have the time and 2) I’m kinda afraid of how much crap I’m going to find. Well, today I got some free time, and I finally got to it. I multi-tasked by taking pictures of the pieces I’m thinking of for my fall/winter capsule (I have about 50 pieces right now, but I’d like to narrow it down to about 35-40, and the photos help me see which piece works, which doesn’t). I also cleaned out the closet as I counted too, so it was actually quite productive.

And here’s the tally, after getting rid of quite a lot:


4 sleeveless tops
14 short-sleeved tops/tees
10 long-sleeved tops
19 shirts/blouses
3 tunics
9 sweaters
11 cardigans
7 blazers
1 vest
8 coats/jackets


5 pairs of pants
12 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of shorts
16 skirts
24 dresses (the most I have of anything, ironically)


3 pairs of tall boots
3 pairs of ankle boots
8 pairs of heels
7 pairs of flats
2 pairs of oxfords
2 pairs of sneakers
2 pairs of sandals

Total: 172 pieces

Naturally, I didn’t count the old tees and jeans that I wear around the house, or accessories like scarves and belt. 172 is… not as bad as I thought, though I definitely like to cut it down to about 100 or, more realistically, 150. I definitely need to cut down on the skirts and dresses, because I only wear about a fifth of those. At the same time, I’m going to need to replace a few things, so I think I’m going to exercise the “one in, one out” rule from now on.

Dresses vs. Separates

navy plaid dress brown belt brown heeled oxfords

I don’t wear dresses much during the summer. You would think it’s the easiest thing to just throw on a dress, right? To me though, it can get boring very quickly. Yeah, you can change your shoes and accessories, but without the benefit of layers, it’ll just look like the same dress over and over again. That’s why I’m much more likely to reach for separates, because with those, at least you can mix and match. Do you guys have any idea on how to mix it up for summer dresses?

navy plaid dress brown beltnavy plaid dress brown heeled oxfords

Dress: Sonoma (thrifted), Belt & Shoes: local shop